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At the Spring 2024 CLRA general meeting, Rigero company of Plymouth, MI gave a presentation of their Bio-Pod system as an alternative tool for invasive weed management and excess muck accumulation.


Essentially, their system is designed to broadcast native microbes through an aeration system that will reduce muck accumulation, sequester excess nutrients in the water column, and over time change the environment that promotes the growth of the undesired weeds.


It sounds like it might be an alternative solution to the petrochemical spraying that we have been doing for many years which treats the symptom, (knocks down the weeds and adds to muck accumulation).  We spend thousands of dollars annually, but the weeds don’t seem to decrease much year to year.  

With a very generous matching donation from Dane & Jacqueline Terrill and using money we already have in Cedar Lake’s SAD account for invasive species, the CLRA members voted to purchase the system from Rigero to conduct a test of the Bio Pod system in Graham’s (Little Cove). 

On June 20, Rigero installed two Bio-Pod aerators (picture #1) under Mark Harwood’s and Dane Terrill’s docks. There were also forty “Nano pods” (see picture) placed throughout the cove. These are mesh socks that are anchored to the bottom in 6-10 feet of water and float up 18” (plenty of clearance for a boat motor).


Note: if these are hooked while fishing (they don’t put up much of a fight) please throw them back into the water.

Initial monitoring data was collected including muck depth measurements, biological DNA analysis, Dissolved Oxygen, and Phosphorus levels in the cove as well as a control “untreated” area to rule out seasonal variations and ultimately determine the efficacy of Rigero’s system.


Additionally, PLM who is contracted by CLRA to manage weeds by spraying herbicides, has been instructed to skip this area of the lake until further notice as some of these herbicides compromise biological activity.


For more information on this system visit the Rigero website:


Stay tuned for updates!

#1 Rigero BioPod and NanoPods_edited.png
#2 Rigero NanoPods_edited_edited.jpg
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